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Bankruptcy & Asset Protection

When times get stressful people turn to us. Learn more about protecting yourself.

The breadth, depth and duration of today’s economic crisis is unprecedented in modern times. It has indiscriminately decimated all socio-economic classes; the wealthy, the poor and the middle class. Many responsible homeowners and borrowers could never have foreseen the confluence of events that has created such economic chaos in personal and business affairs.

In order to seek debt relief and ways to avoid mortgage foreclosure, repossessions, and deficiency liability many clients have no other choice but to seek the protection of bankruptcy in Federal Court. We understand how intimidating the process of bankruptcy may seem and the stress created by overwhelming debt. We help clients get the debt relief they deserve through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings and counsel clients on strategies to protect their assets and begin to rebuild their credit.

Bankruptcy, if well planned, can be a temporary, not a permanent, setback that ultimately helps to assure a client’s future economic.