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Important Announcement

To all of our partners in the real estate business,       

We wanted to thank all the individuals and entities that have helped the Scottsdale Law Group exponentially grow our business.  We appreciate your support and confidence, and look forward to continuing to provide excellent service and delivery of legal services now and into the future. 

Scottsdale Law Group has always strived to provide high quality legal services, and excellent customer service through the utilization of process management techniques coupled with technology.  Our affordable, value driven business model has been our mantra.  The ever changing dynamics in the short sale world and increased case complexity is forcing us to revise our current fee structure as it pertains to our consultations with potential homeowners facing a short sale.  We want to be fair to all parties involved, while assuring that Scottsdale Law Group has a sustainable business model that enables us to continue to perform at a level well above our competition in the pursuit of the client’s interests. 

Scottsdale Law Group’s flat retainer fee paid by the homeowner has been (and will remain) $1,000, however we find it necessary to reconfigure our complimentary consultation.  Effective October 1st, all new consultations will be charged a $200 fee and if the homeowner engages Scottsdale Law Group to represent them within 60 days of the consultation we will apply the $200 consultation fee to the $1,000 retainer. 

We are confident that this change will ultimately continue to provide an affordable value driven business model for our real estate partners who desire to limit their professional liability regarding the rendering of deficiency and taxation advice while providing excellent delivery of services and optimal outcomes to their clients. 

As always, we thank you for your continued support, and look forward to working hard to help our clients extract themselves from negative asset problems as these trying times continue into the future.

If you should have any questions or concerns please contact Kristi Collins at 480-478-0709 or