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Residential and Commercial Short Sales

“The Scottsdale Law Group Team not only helped my client navigate through his short sale transaction, but also got them a full release of any future liability.” – Katie, HomeSmart Agent

Scottsdale Law Group provides a full service process for securing residential and commercial real estate short sales. We work with property owners and realtors to manage all lender and title company interactions. While aggressively and efficiently managing short sale processing, we work to stop the harassing telephone calls from lenders and do our utmost to mitigate any potential deficiency liability exposure. We pride ourselves in short sale process management through the maze of paperwork development & submissions, constant follow up and deal negotiations. There’s just no substitute for experienced, professional short sale process management.

The following is a brief description of the different roles within Scottsdale Law Group to give you an idea of who will be working with you through the various stages of a short sale transaction:

Operations Manager: The Operations Manager’s primary responsibility is the supervision and support of the firm’s Transaction Coordinators and File Managers. This position has a heavy focus on the various processes that are utilized to optimize client file outcomes. Through the fostering of a continuous improvement, team methodology, the Operations Manager oversees the implementation of procedures to improve our client services. This position also assists with final lender negotiations especially as it pertains to reaffirmation of debt and release language.

Business Development Manager: The Business Development Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships that result in new client conversions. This position works closely with realtors, clients and title companies to educate and support their activities in the various AZ real estate short sale communities.

Transaction Coordinators: Immediately post client engagement, the Transaction Coordinators are the initial points of contact for the realtor and client to ensure that all required documentation for the client file is complete and formatted to specific lender requirements. Upon securing of a fully executed purchase contract for the subject property and full completion of all documentation, the client file is assigned to a File Manager who will maintain responsibility for the file until completion.

File Managers: File Managers are professional processors/negotiators who guide the client file through the myriad of negotiations and documentations required to achieve a positive file
outcome. During this phase of file processing, the File Manager becomes the primary point of contact for both the realtor and client. A record of every third party discussion/agreement is posted to the client file electronically by the File manager to ensure that a timely file status is constantly available for review by the client and their designated representatives. Transaction Coordinators and File Managers often work together as a team to expedite the updating of client financials and postponement of foreclosure sale dates as appropriate.