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Benefits of Attorney-Managed Short Sale

Attorney / Client Privliege: Interactions between clietn and attorney are legally protected and “privileged” by law thereby offering a high level of confidentiality and professionalism.

Managing Potential Lawsuit Eventualities:  As the case evolves through time, should it be necessary that other legal remedies and defenses be required, an attorney, intimately involved with the specific case, will be available to take on these challenges.

Legal Advisements: Attorney case management affords the client immediate access to a licensed attorney with a full range of legal expertise and specific knowledge of the case details should it be required.  Advie for bankruptcy, debt negotiations, and tax implications are immediately accessible.

Attorney Oversight for On-Going Negotiations: Attorney representation on behalf of the client may be afforded a higher priority with lenders given the various legal options available to a licensed attorney.

Attorney “Code of Ethics’ Benefit: While many “boiler room” third party short sale negotiators may have dubious origins, capabilities and ethics, an attorney is bound by strict rules of legal conduct that offer the client a higher level of confidence in this critially important matter.

Legal Risk for Non-Attorney Short Sale Practitioners: Realtors undertaking short sale processing and negotiating without the benefit of legal counsel face significant litigation risks.  Realtors have specific skills and experience in negotiating the purchase and sale of real estate.  However, the myriad of additional client and property specific factors creates an unwarranted litigation risk for non-attorney practitioners as has been illustrated in recent legal case law.